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New report on data breach fraud security and protection strategies

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While creative hackers are experimenting with 3D printers to create fingerprints and facial models to fool biometric authentication, a serious growing threat for business is the breaching of cloud stored data. 

In a Computerworld interview on data breach forecasting, Michael Bruemmer VP of Data Breach Resolution at Experian shares that breaches can occur simply due to mis-configured security settings. He points out that just as you would not store the keys to a safe right next to the safe, encryption keys for cloud access should not be stored next to the data they are to protect. 

For business, multi-layered protections, such as biometrics and passwords, are recommended along with changing up security protocols periodically.

Mr. Bruemmer also gives important anti-fraud security tips for individuals, at home or at work…

  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi.
  • Create complex passwords. Use a password repository so that you don’t have to rely on your memory.
  • Don’t click on links.
  • Be wary answering phone calls from unknown callers. If a fraudster recorded your voice saying “yes,” it could be used to spoof your approval of a bank transaction or wire transfer.
  • Shred important documents.
  • Don’t use a debit card for shopping. They may be linked to more than one account, including a line of credit. If you use a credit card with a smaller limit instead, you usually have the extra protection of zero or limited liability in an instance of credit card fraud.
  • Don’t share your work device with anyone else, whether a computer, tablet or phone.

Q&A: Experian exec says biometrics won’t save you from mobile hacks

By Lucas Mearian, Senior Reporter, Computerworld, published Dec. 31, 2018 

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