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AI and biometrics to add security, speed border crossing for European travelers

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Traffic through border crossing points of European Union (EU) countries is on the rise. Over 700 million people enter the EU each year. This puts increasing pressure on border control agencies that must adhere to strict security protocols while trying to keep traffic moving smoothly. 

The EU-funded iBorderCtrl (Intelligent Portable Border Control System) project is a two-step process designed to make land border crossings fast and convenient, while increasing security. The technology used includes an automatic deception detection system, biometrics verification (including fingerprinting and facial and palm vein scanning), document authentication and a hidden human detection tool (for vehicles).

In the first step, before travel, travelers register and upload required documentation to an online system using a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. Travelers are asked a series of questions by an avatar. Their facial micro-expressions are analyzed to determine whether or not they are lying. Potentially illegal crossings are flagged so that border control can conduct a more detailed check.

The second step occurs at the border. Travelers flagged as low risk undergo a brief re-evaluation of their documentation, and a biometric check for identity verification. If the traveler is arriving by passenger vehicle, an additional vehicle check is done.

Trials of the iBorderCtrl system are set to begin soon at border crossings in 3 EU countries: Greece, Latvia and Hungary. In the next 6 months, the new technology will be tested at 4 different crossing points in a variety of scenarios: train, vehicle, pedestrian, etc.

Science: AI-controlled checks to spice up safety and velocity up visitors at EU borders 

By Denis Bedoya, Jan. 14, 2019, for | Science

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