Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Surprising number of Americans board flights without proper ID

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In a survey of 1000 people conducted by Wakefield Research for Acuant, 60% of Americans reported that they were able to board a plane without a government issued photo ID. One respondent admitted being able to board with a Costco membership card and a credit card.

Here are some of the fascinating findings:

• 60% adults have passed airport security without proper ID
• 43% have boarded flights with credit cards, marriage licenses, club cards as proof of ID
• 60% of Millennials reported using an unapproved ID to get through airport security. 

Millennials are more likely than Baby Boomers or Gen Xers to want to use an alternate form of ID.

A majority of those surveyed feel using biometrics for identification will improve travel:

• 59% feel using biometrics at TSA security check points will improve safety with identification accuracy
• 56% feel using biometrics will improve speed and efficiency at security lines
• 85% of Millennials would be comfortable using biometrics for airport security. This is greater than Baby Boomers or Gen Xers coming in at 76-74%.

Many adults are open to alternate forms of ID. Nearly half of respondents would be content using an ePassport (containing biometric information), or a digital ID (that could be presented on a smart phone). 

Airport and airlines are on track with using biometrics to help smooth and speed passenger to gate flow; 77% of airports and 71% of airlines are planning programs or RD in biometric ID management. Many experts believe that using biometric technology can make air travel a smoother, less stressful experience. Imagine traveling easily, safely, without having to find or present an ID.

Click to view an infographic of the research.

Up in the Air: Americans Board Planes without Government Issued Identification

Acuant Corp. Blog, posted Nov. 14, 21018

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