Friday, September 14, 2018

New driverless Smart Bus with AI and biometric palm recognition

Photo of the Smart Panda Bus
Photo: Geospatial World

Deep Blue Technology, a Shanghai innovator in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry, has launched the "Smart Panda Bus", a self-driving bus with palm recognition technology and an AI assistant designed to respond to passenger queries. The electric engine powered bus is an environmentally friendly solution to moving commuters in the congested traffic of China’s urban areas. Buses are a smart economic solution compared to the large scale planning and construction cost of building or expanding subway systems.

While not specified in the DeepBlue Technology press release, the biometric palm recognition is likely used for identification to authenticate payments. It is also not stated whether print or vein recognition is being used. 

“Using patented key technologies such as deep learning, machine vision, biometrics and advanced payment solutions, [DeepBlue] has been able to develop new breakthrough technologies in diverse fields such as smart cities, self-driving, biological intelligence, AI chips, smart robots, retail, phonetics and semantics, security and education/national defence industry”

DeepBlue Technology has sold Smart Panda Buses to more than 200 cities across China and 500 cities around the world.

DeepBlue Technology Launches Autonomous "Smart Panda Bus" to Bring Bus Rapid Transit to the Next Level 

Published Sept. 3, 2018 on PR Newswire, news provided by DeepBlue Technology

Biometrics and AI Power Self-Driving Smart Bus

Published on Sept. 5, 2018, on

Accurate Biometrics

Practical solutions for fingerprint collection and processing.

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